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Sunday, March 12, 2006

TGIF MN Roundup

Quote of the Week

"The Taxpayers League has never created a private sector job in its life." Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington)

Coolest Caucus Story
Congressional candidate Coleen Rowley, visited several caucuses in Congressional District 2. While standing in the back of Senate District 40, greeting democrats as they entered, a group of republicans at their nearby GOP caucus heard that Coleen Rowley was at the DFL caucus. The republicans got up and left their GOP caucus in order to meet and talk with Coleen Rowley! Kline should start packing up his office. Even his own party members have had enough!

Interesting Website

Good taste or bad?!
Hat tip to Missy (I owe you a donut & beer!)
More on WalMart...Everyday Low Vices

Minnesota gets it'sv very own blue light specials.

TGIF Prayer
Oh Lord, get this idiot out of office. He's ripping holes in the wall!

Reframing the War
Just substitute 'civil war' anywhere you find the words 'sectarian violence'.

Can't Wait
This will be a collectors item! Jack's going to jail...but he won't be sitting alone!

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