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Friday, March 24, 2006

Looking For Some MN Billboard Space?

Kelly Doran (MN-D) has discovered what many rethugs and a few Democrats have yet to learn, 'Not Everything is For Sale...(yet)!' Okay there's more to it than that and yes money does make a difference. But money without a twinkling of ground swell support (particularly among Demos) makes for dead campaigns.

I actually like Doran, liked him even more when the 'CD2 Princess of Darkness' continued to foam at the mouth when she ranted and raved about him on all our lists and forums. Unfortunately having a common dislike of a moonbat wasn't enought to support him.

Hat Tip to Checks and Balances . I do disagree with one statement made regarding Senator Sheila Kiscaden (D-30-Rochester): "We know all of the campaigns had approached her to be their Lt. Governor candidate previously and it now appears she mistakenly chose Doran. "

Not much of a mistake when you consider she positioned herself to now be courted by all the contenters like Hatch, or Sen Lourey or Sen Kelley.

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