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Friday, March 31, 2006

Horse Race

From Zogby:


Tim Pawlenty (R): 43.5%

Mike Hatch (DFL): 42.6%

Tim Pawlenty (R): 44.1%

Becky Lourey (DFL): 38%

Tim Pawlenty (R): 44.1%

Steve Kelley (DFL): 37.5%


Amy Klobuchar (DFL): 49.2%

Mark Kennedy (R): 41.4%

Ford Bell (DFL): 45.7%

Mark Kennedy (R): 41.4%

What this shows is that the DFL is in a very strong position at this point. Tim Pawlenty is polling very low for an incumbent, not good for him. Amy Klobuchar is in very strong shape, way above the margin of error and possibly above the 50% line. Hatch is in a strong position.

Kelley and Lourey may be having name recognition problems as of yet, but all this poll really shows is how weak Pawlenty is, not necessarily how weak Kelley and Lourey are. In the Senate race Ford Bell is also above Kennedy, the GOP is in big trouble in the Senate Race. But they have yet to lie cheat and attempt to destroy the character of their opponents yet, so we cannot let our guard down.

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