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Friday, March 03, 2006

Follow The Money

The Ads running in Minnesota...'Midwest Heros'.. has dampen down to allow the new GOP hate theme of the week...'gay marriages' to play out but like bad pennies..they'll be back so... Progress for American (outside funding!) is behind the Midwest ads that tout:
"We're defeating the terrorists and neutralizing the insurgents. Our troops are helping the Iraqi people and their new democracy transition to self-reliance. And in doing so, we're securing America from the threats of radical al Qaeda terrorists…"
Like any other endevor from Bu$hCo, this one has his cronies' calling cards all over it. Ken 'Cakewalk' Adleman is it's former chair. And those wanting more history, the nickname came because of his well circulated quote 'demolishing Hussein's military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk.'

PFA is a front group for most all Pro-Bush administration propaganda if not the driver behind all of it. PFA supported/marketed Dubyah's Social Security privatization scheme, and both John Roberts and Sam Alito. They even did a full court press in support of Harriet Miers.

PFA isn't merely another Republican conservative organization. It is a fully funded arm of the Bush White House propaganda operation that was set up by ex-Bush/Cheney 2000 political director,Tony Feather. Independent expenditure groups such as Progress for America are legally barred from coordinating their efforts with political campaigns. But, as a matter of practical strategy, they pour money into political fights. Progress for America was also responsible for the influential spots depicting John Kerry as a flip-flopping windsurfer; that same theme was later put to use by the Bush-Cheney campaign and helped defined Kerry's image in the minds of many voters.

Here's how they operate...they create ads meant to invoke an emotional image and response, they replay the ads non-stop, and presto, the public starts to believe 30 second ads over reality...at least long enough to do the bidding of the campaign they are softening the field for...Normally the ads hit within 30-60 days of the issue debate or vote so that by the time they are exposed, usually it's too late.They like to stay focused on the swing states, where small changes in voting are likely to have large effects.

But I'm getting away from the point I want to make: PDA's top contributors have very strong ties to oil and gas companies. Many have made or inherited their vast wealth from gas and oil and are Texas Bu$hCo connected friends. Most are on record for supporting the Iraq War...in other words they stand to gain from the war continuing as opposed to...ending. Many like Rove supported the war before it was even a gleam in Bu$h's eye! Contributors include Rangers Chris LaCivita, Brian McCabe and Carl Lindner and Pioneer Paul Singer and Marilyn Ware. All of whom further their personal wealth by ensuring Bu$h stays in office and the Iraq war continues.

For more Campaign Finance Reports:

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As an aside I picked this up on DU:One of the largest contributors, Jerry Perenchio ($4,000,000 for the 2004 election cycle and another $4,000,000 for 2006), has tieds to marketing and ads and owns Univision Communications. A few years ago he spent $1 million trying to stop English immersion, Proposition 227. (Gee, why would a guy who owns the largest Hispanic broadcast (TV/Radio) outlet want to do that?!)

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