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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Throwing It Back In Their Face

MN Senator Becky Lourey, candidate for Governor, has put up a new website. She's really something! Agree or disagree with her on issues, she's willing to take the fight right back to the hate mongers.

Becky was the lone vote against the funeral protest bill. She's a rare politico that is willing to stand and vote her convictions. As the mother of a son that lost his life in Iraq, she has first hand understand of the grief but she took a stand supporting the right of free speech:

With a lone dissenting vote from Sen. Becky Lourey, the Senate approved restrictions Thursday on funeral protests such as one that marred the burial of a fallen soldier last month in Anoka.

The vote of 58 to 1 came a week after the House unanimously passed similar, but not identical, legislation. A conference committee will probably have to work out differences between the two bills.

Lourey, DFL-Kerrick, a candidate for governor and the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq last year, said she opposes the bill as an infringement of the free-speech right her son died to protect. No protesters showed up for the burial of Army helicopter pilot Matthew Lourey last June at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, but the senator said even that would not have changed her mind.

"If it had happened, I would have had to endure that," she said. "This is very emotional because the speech we're addressing is very ugly, but we can't repeal the Bill of Rights because of it."


Anonymous said...

The new website is www.loureyrepublicanwatch.org

(Thise link in the post didn't quite work)

truthsurfer said...

thanks...sorry...fat fingers, they work now!