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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Minnesota Leadership Against Bu$hCo's War

In March 2003, 20 of 67 Minnesota State Senators signed the below petition by Becky Lourey on the Iraq War. It speaks to real leadership and Minnesota values to gets out in front of important issues, even during the most difficult times, even when unpopular, even at risk of their political positions.

These 20 MN Senators recognized the devastating affect the war has had on funding services and lives. Notice how many of the 20 are women! Wonder why Sharon Marko didn't sign on? Perhaps she just wasn't there that day.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition President George W. Bush to reject unilateral action against Iraq and actively employ peaceful means to achieve his stated objectives.

Although Saddam Hussein is a tyrant who is harmful to his own people, it is not clear that unilateral U.S. military action would result in a free and democratic Iraqi government. The likely results of a war are: massive, unnecessary loss of life; the destabilization of the Middle East; the radicalization of anti‑American groups; the unavoidable distraction from other objectives; and less security for Americans.

We recognize that many of our experienced and respected military leaders advise caution and continued use of multilateral and diplomatic efforts to achieve a peaceful solution.

We give our unconditional support to U.S. military personnel serving at home and abroad in their tireless battle against global terrorism, and should our military forces engage in war in Iraq, we give our unyielding support to our young men and women serving in our nation’s military, even if we oppose the policy that sent them there.

The Bush Administration¹s stated goals of a potential war in Iraq, such as replacement of the Iraqi government, economic redevelopment of Iraq, disarmament of the Iraqi military, are as likely to be achieved without war as with war. Our best hope is through strong multilateral action in unity with other nations.

Sen. Becky Lourey
Sen. Ellen Anderson
Sen. John Marty
Sen. Linda Berglin
Sen. David Tomassoni
Sen. Larry Pogemiller
Sen. Scott Dibble
Sen. Jane Ranum
Sen. Wes Skoglund
Sen. Sandra Pappas
Sen. Leo Foley
Sen. Mee Moua
Sen. Yvonne Prettner-Solon
Sen. Ann Rest
Sen. Jim Vickerman
Sen. Thomas Bakk
Sen. Satveer Chaudhary
Sen. Linda Scheid
Sen. Tom Saxhaug

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Anonymous said...

God bless Becky Lourey then.
God bless Becky Lourey now.

She is a real leader.