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Friday, March 31, 2006

Speak Melendez To Me (3)

"To compare beating Democrats to defeating the Confederate Army is either an absurd display of historical ignorance or an insult to the intelligence of Minnesota." Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez said.

"Such an insinuation raises serious concerns about Gil Gutknecht's win-at-all-costs mentality. He should be ashamed of himself for stooping so low, apologize to Democrats across the country and get on with running a more positive campaign based on the issues
"Mark Kennedy, on the other hand, should be embarrassed that his good friend and ally used such tactics on his behalf. Representative Kennedy has said repeatedly that he wants this campaign to be about the issues. Well, he has a choice to make right now. Will he run a positive campaign, come clean about where he stands on the issues and let the voters decide based on merit? Or will he employ the insult-and-divide strategy he learned from the Karl Rove playbook, while following the orders of President Bush 92 percent of the time?"If Representative Kennedy truly wants a campaign about the issues, he must immediately denounce Gil Gutknecht's ignorant and incendiary rhetoric. If he doesn't, Minnesotans will know they can expect another campaign full of distasteful distortions and distractionsfrom him."

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