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Friday, March 24, 2006

Chilling of a Blog

This is just sad. Minvolved, a solid, well written and always informative blog is going silent, because of slimy, threatening, worthless lumps of dung who instead of entering into lively debate and meaningful give and take, put a chilling effect on free speech in the blogging community.

I do not blame CP, protecting one's family is always job number one, that is actually why some bloggers are involved in politics. The way our current government is being run, is threatening to all families, just not as directly as it seems CP is dealing with now (well, not yet at least). He has said that he does not feel directly threatened as of yet, and is only doing this to avoid future problems, but we should all take note. Another chilling reason to stay in the anonymous void. It is just sad, very very sad.

I wish you the best CP, as well as your family, and hope to see you reemerge some day, even if I don't know its you.

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