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Friday, January 20, 2006

Wetterling - A Class Act!

Thanks Patty, you truly are looking out for all of us. Democrats will win this election because our candidates are willing to put the interest of their friends, family, community and state before any personal gain.

Wetterling Withdraws from Senate Race - Urges DFL Unity
I am therefore taking myself out of the United States Senate race to ensure that we come together, pool resources and unite our efforts to win in November of this year...

...I have watched Amy Klobuchar these last eleven months. I have learned more about her as a person, as a candidate and as a friend. Amy has demonstrated that she will be a strong, effective voice for the fight I believe in: protecting our children, building safer communities, and seeing that every Minnesotan has access to a good education and quality health care. I will do anything I can to help Amy get elected to the U.S. Senate

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