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Monday, January 16, 2006

Anybody Seen My Old Friend Martin?

'Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.'
I see Martin almost every day in the numerous Minnesotans that donate their time and services to make our community better. Martin is still here, all around us.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an opportunity to teach our children to fight evil, not people, to get in the habit of asking themselves, 'what is the most loving way I can resolve this conflict?' and to demostrate timeless values like courage. truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service. It provides us with the chance to show the single most important thing about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: 'His example of nonviolent action is the single most powerful, revolutionary force for social change in the world today'. King's values of nonviolence, including unconditional love, tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation are so desperately needed today to help unify our country. These are the values that should radiately define all Americans and especially our children.

It's up to us as activists to ignite the spark of volunteerism in Minnesota's communities. Let's start by leading with example like King did and volunteer along with our family and friends within our local neighborhood. This is the way to honor the life and teachings of Dr. King. The best way to honor MLK is to volunteer.

Volunteer in Minnesota!

Be the Change

Some facts about volunteering...
56% of adults aged 18 or over volunteer.
More women (62%) volunteer than men.
Men give more time (20 minutes more per week) than women.
Volunteers average of 3.5 hours a week
90% will volunteer when asked.
Most volunteers find out about volunteer opportunities by personal contact with another volunteer.
Most volunteers are older (43% seniors)
41% of all volunteers are sporadic and consider it a onetime activity.
Those who volunteer time and services also make larger financial contributions on average than non-volunteers (shouldnĂ‚’t be a surprise!)
1% learned about volunteering via the internet so consider this is for them:

Work for social change!

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