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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

St. Paul Minnesota: Still Ford Tough?

The Ford Plant is Minnesota is still alive but on life support.
Ford stays in St. Paul for now. The Ranger truck plant, with 1,900 employees, could be closed in the next round of cuts
The estimated annual fuel cost of a Ford Truck vs. Toyota Prius:

Truck FWD 36 City / 31 Hwy
Prius 51 City / 60 Hwy

Ford Ranger gets the 2005 'tons of greenhouse gases' award based on it's impact on climate change. Vehicles with higher fuel economy rate better (see above mpg)

Five ways to improve gas mileage:
1. Carpool
2. Take a bus, light rail, walk, bike
3. Combine trips
4. Turn off the air conditioning
5. Buy a hybrid

Things that affect mileage:
Driver Behavior & Driving Conditions
Vehicle Condition & Maintenance
Variations in Fuels
Inherent Variations in Vehicles
Engine Break-In

All of which begs the question:
"Have you driven a Ford lately?"
Should you be?

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