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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Children and Taxes - They Get It!

Back in April of 2003, the Star Tribune's Mindworks focused on Taxes.

Excerpt from an overview of the Mindworks essays:

The adults who advocate balancing the budget by cutting education funding are doing so from a myopic world view, they wrote. Shortchanging schools, many said, means shortchanging the future by creating mediocre leaders and adults who are ill prepared for life.

Overview of the Mindwork essays.

Most of the children who wrote essays totally understood where tax money should go. They are wise beyond their years. The great hope is that adults would be able to see what is so apparent to our children.

Here's what the children had to say: essays

Side Note:
In 2005 we had a great opportunity to bring educational funding up to speed by passing a 5% increase in funding for the next two years. A 5% increase would have brought our schools up to where they should be - basic funding levels. The DFL had proposed this 5% increase. The Republicans in the House and Senate only wanted to do 3.5% each year (3% short of basic funding levels). Both parties settled after a government shut down, due to a Governor's pledge to a special interest group - which he ended up breaking, to increase funding 4% each year for two years. Though 4% is better than the Republican's proposed 3%, our schools will continue to struggle - because of one man's pledge. Remember the children, when you vote this year - they deserve it!

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