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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Go Go Blogzillas!

It's a fight between Minnesota blogzillas.
Two local MN bloggers with apparently oversized political egos in a legal mud match. Our blog previously posted on this here and here.
A good summary with more details was posted up today on mnpACT!'s blog:

The libel lawsuit that Blois Olson has brought against the Minnesota Democrats Exposed blogger, Michael Brodkorb, is one of those legal actions in which you wish they could both lose.
I have to agree, I wouldn't feel comfortable standing on either side or rooting for/against either one. Unfortunately both seem intent on hurting Democrats regardless of their political leanings. PDW58 summed it up best:
So there you have it... a Democratic operative who beats up Democratic candidates suing a Republican operative who will say anything, do anything, and dig up anything that can hurt Democratic candidates.

A legal match made in heaven ... or hell, depending on your perspective.
Game On!

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