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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Speak Melendez To Me (2)

Governor Pawlenty just doesn't get it. He's self destructing by wanting to bat around wedge issues like immigration instead of addressing real problems facing our community and state on a daily bases like health care, jobs, and the rising costs education. It's like wanting to fund the stadium with public monies when you don't fully fund education and cut health care.

Minnesotans are not taken in by such self serving behavior. The last two elections saw even rural voters want to address the issues that will affect their families, neighbors and community, not spin wedge issues touted solely for partisan politics. I couldn't put it any better than Brian...
ST. PAUL (1/3/06) – "While immigration is an issue worthy of discussion, the governor should be expending as much vigor on the issues that are most important to Minnesotans.

"Last month, St. Cloud State University released a survey ranking the top 28 issues most important to Minnesotans. Immigration didn't even figure in the survey. The issues most important to Minnesotans are the issues that Democrats will be talking about: education, health care, jobs, transportation, energy and the environment.

"Evidently the governor and the White House are planning on using wedge issues again. Last cycle, it was gay marriage. This year, it's immigration. You can campaign on these issues, but you can't govern on them."

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