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Friday, January 20, 2006

Reality Check! My Ass

The Minnesota GOP is trying to mount a campaign based in lies where they take the 'real' out of reality! Pat Kessler, Ron Carey (MNGOP Chair) and numerous right leaning blogs are trying to falsely tie the Minnesota DFL to the GOP Abramoff scandal. This week's Reality Check in the GOP newsline:
“...of the $19,000 given to MN politicians by Abramoff Clients, $15,000 went to DFLers...In fact most of the Abramoff related monies in Minnesota went to Democrats’…
What the !@??! Read my lips: No DFLers took money from Jack Abramoff! (Do you think for one moment he would give even half a penny to any Democrat anywhere?)

DNC Chair Dean:
There are no Democrats who took money from Jack Abramoff. Not one. Not one single Democrat. Every person named in this scandal is a Republican, every person under investigation is a Republican, every person indicted is a Republican. This is a Republican finance scandal. There is no evidence that Jack Abramoff ever gave any Democrat any money...

Want the truth...try this Reality Check: click here

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