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Friday, December 09, 2005

Sue Ek: Lying Then or Lying Now?

Tasty tidbits from the St. Cloud Time has Sue Ek living in St. Paul 12 days after the deadline to establish residency in St. Cloud. Minnesota law requires legislative candidates to establish residency in the district(15B) at least six months before the election. For this election, the deadline was June 27.

However Sue Ek signed an affidavit on July 9 that reads:
"I, Susanne Ek, the undersigned, certify that I reside (as a renter) in the dwelling located at 1258 Niles Avenue in St. Paul. I would like to establish a nonprofit/home office type of business at the aforementioned address. I understand and agree to comply with the conditions stipulated for home occupation.

When questioned Thursday Ek said she didn't exactly mean that and it shouldn't make her ineligible as a candidate.

???!?!??!wtf...so she signs off on living there to qualify for being a home business but in fact she doesn't???? Either way she's lying then or lying now.

Under Minnesota law, only if someone mounts a successful challenge through the courts can a candidate can be removed from the ballot. Which brings me to my question of yestarday, Will the DFL file a legal challenge?

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