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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ek Now Must Face The Music

The Minnesota Supreme Court prepares next week to decide whether one of the candidates, Sue Ek, should be removed from the ballot. Attorney Alan Weinblatt filed a lawsuit Friday on behalf of St. Cloud resident, DFL volunteer and Progressive Caucus Chair Rick Studer.

The suit maintains that Sue Ek's name is wrongfully included on the ballot as a candidate for House seat in 15B as Ms. Ek doesn't meet the residency requirements. According to Lloydletta's Nooz and Comments,the lawsuit has several pieces of information that list her home address in St. Paul. Clever Sponge has a screen shot from a cache file showing Ek as vice chair in District 4 as of November 2005. I like his analyst:
By no means do we think this is a conspiracy, but surely the folks in the 4th Congressional District Republican group would have told the MN GOP that...well, Mrs. Ek wasn't exactly a St. Cloud resident. Stupidity is much more fun than conspiracy.
This is fairly open and shut...The fat lady is finishing up with her aria...On July 9, Sue Ek officially declared that she was a resident of St. Paul. She signed an affidavit stating so. As this is within the six month residency requirement, she is not eligible to be a candidate for the State House from district 15B.

I heard her attorney stating on the radio Ek was 'confused' about what the affidavit was asking for...Seems fairly straight forward to me. It's up to the judge now to decide if she lied then or if she's lying now. Either way, not much in the way of character credibility left for Ek to run on.

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