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Friday, December 09, 2005

Ek - One Way or Another

I posted yestarday that while Ek is claiming to be a 'life long' resident of St. Cloud, MPR had an interview (last April) where Ek stated she lived in St. Paul. Now she's flip flopping to say 'she may have misspoken."

Ms. Ek also finds breaking the law
“...kind of funny…to me it's a non-issue. Home is St. Cloud.”
The rest of us find it not so funny and want some answers.

Ek has either broken the law regarding the residency requirements in her run for office in St. Cloud or...She broke the law by stating St. Paul is her residence and voting there.

Which is it? One way or another...the law appears to have been broken.

“Ms. Ek has painted herself into a corner,” said DFL Communications Director David Ruth. “She either broke laws regarding residency or, as it’s been our contention all along, she has recently been living in St. Paul breaking state law by running for office in St. Cloud. Her St. Paul neighbors are the ones who reported this to us. They say Ek has been living in St. Paul as recently as the past month or so. Add the fact that she was listed in the phone book, registered and voted in Ramsey County, and was a vice chair for the GOP 4th congressional district, it is hard to believe otherwise.”

“If Ek did not, as she claims, live in St. Paul, then she has to answer to breaking state laws,” said Ruth. “If she always maintained residence in St. Cloud, then the votes she cast in St. Paul between 2001 and 2004 may be in violation of Minnesota Statute 201.016.”

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