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Thursday, December 15, 2005

MN Help Wanted: Any Honest GOP Candidates?

Does the MN GOP have no honest members left willing to run for office? It seems both Republican candidates for St. Cloud's Special Election, upcoming on December 27, find themselves with legal problems.

Sue Ek is being challenged (with plenty of good solid evidence) that appears to show she 'mis-stated' her residency in order to run for office. And now it looks like Minnesota State Senate candidate Dan Ochsner (R) has broken campaign law by 'doctoring' literature.
“The watchdog group raises some serious campaign violation issues,” DFL Associate Chair Donna Cassutt said. “We believe that this is an issue that deserves further investigation and look forward to Ochsner answering these charges.”
MN GOP Chair Carey needs to do some recruiting among the faithful for some honest, ethical and law abiding republicans...It won't be easy. My advice: Be sure to screen and do a background check.


Anonymous said...

Where are the ethics and morality that the Republicans said they would restore to Government?

Just like WOMD... Their are none.

Anonymous said...

It all hype, knee jerk phases, and empty promises. What's that saying about 'dressing up a pig'? It's still a pig no matter how much lipstick you put on it.

The good news is the voters are finally catching on!