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Thursday, December 29, 2005

MN Democratic Cannibals

Why must we eat our own?
Linking to MDE is like sucking on mud... but...
he’s got a story on Politics in Minnesota co-publisher Blois Olson that shouldn't be ignored…

I don’t know who I’m more pissed at, Blois Olson for trying to hoist his own petard at Coleen Rowley’s campaign expense and ultimately all Minnesotan Democrats, or the anonymous source that took the story to a rethug blog instead of any one of the fine left leaning MN blogs. Either way, Blois and anonymous source have some serious explaining to do.
Oh yeah...read my lips...Democrats need to stop eating their own!

From MDE:
Later today I will have a post defending Coleen Rowley's campaign. I am not drunk, nor is a gun pointed at my head.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Blois had put on a few pounds recently? I guess we now know why. Note to Blois--stop eating your young!