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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Soulful Holiday

The family decided to be 'soulful' this Holiday Season.
It was a good decision...something we may continue through the year...

Our souls will cast a beautiful bright light around the world so all may find their promise land.

I grew up listing to the music of James Brown, Otis Redding, Jr. Walker, Wilson Picket, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cook...and like the ghost of xmas past...it's time to revisit my roots if for no other reason that to assert my faith in soulful goodness. No matter how down trotten, how mistreated, how cheated, how looked down upon, how despied or how abused... your spirit can raise above. You can be soulful...

Go down to the river Jordan: I ask that all those I have offended, hurt, or wronged to forgive me for just as the Jordan has two banks on either side of where she runs, so too can hurt go both ways.

Minnesota is land of hot dishes and cold snow. While reminded of past seasons in other places, we now live in the sometimes unbearable icy present of here...and for an old hippie like me that means getting back to...the garden of soul. Feel free to join in...we'll be the house open to all, playing soul music and eating ribs, mixed greens, sweet potato pie, black peas and pecan delight. And we'll be discussing the past, dwelling in the future, but looking foward to the promised land.

Happy Holidays...may you find peace,love and the promised land.

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