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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Otto's Ad

Why? Because I like this ad

Help Rebecca Otto get her message out for her race for State Auditor


Anonymous said...

The only thing that hurts is her endorsement by Clean Water Action. I used to work for CWA. Its the only job I quit out of moral outrage.

The job was to go door to door to raise money. I had a nightly quota. I did pretty well. Of the amount I collected, I kept half. Of the remainder, my supervisor kept half. Of that remainder her supervisor kept half... and so on.

Before the day was over, I wonder if any of the money actually went to any real cause. It was a friggin sham.

truthsurfer said...

I didn't realize that and will look into it. I seem to remember someone soliciting at my door a few month back when I asked the amount that went to the cause they told me 85%. Maybe it was a different group but I research this in the next day or so.