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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Long Shot In CD2

This is the first thing I read this morning... and I can't keep from smiling...

It's called trending and folks, it could happen...a lot of people are working to make it happen. I have no illusions that it's a long shot but we've been given some help from John Kline's negative ads, his twisting of the facts, his bullying behavior, war support, pro-corporation voting record and mean spirit.

Given the choice between Kline and an honest discussion on issues, well 12 points in one week says it all...

Coleen Rowley is a progressive's dream candidate, truthful, open, thoughtful and intelligent. Please open your pocketbooks, we have less than 4 weeks to go to stage this upset. It can happen. I've seen how the voters in CD2 respond once they know who she is or meet her. There's a growing grassroots support that cuts across partisan lines. She can do it, and you can help her.

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