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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Handwriting On The Wall

"We should have thrown the bastards out years ago. Let's do it now! Give Peace A Vote! "-Willie Nelson

...from the looks of it, a lot of people are singing the same tune-

CNN 39% Approval, 56% Disapproval
USA Today/Gallup 37% Approval, 59% Disapproval
ABC/Washington Post 39% Approval, 60% Disapprova
lCBS/New York Times 34% Approval, 60% Disapprova
lNewsweek 33% Approval, 59% Disapproval
Time 36% Approval, 57% Disapproval
AP-Ipsos 38% Approval, 59% Disapproval
Pew 37% Approval, 53% Disapproval
NBC/Wall Street Journal 39% Approval, 56% Disapproval

and incase you were wondering:
Truth Surfer 0% Approval, 100% Disapproval

Hat tip to Holden.

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