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Monday, October 16, 2006

Guns and Dogs

Finally someone has put to words what I have been feeling for a while about Mike Hatch:

Wake up Minnesota. No amount of marketing can paper over the sunny failure that is national republicanism implanted in the form of Tim Pawlenty, Mark Kennedy, and Michele Bachman. Far from representing anything traditional about Minnesota, these GOP clones speak from a script written by Washington powerwhores, not by average folks from 'round these parts.

Which brings me to Mike Hatch. Some of you yellow bellied liberals are shaky about him. It's a dangerous illness. Purity testing is a great way to get our asses kicked - again - by the certainty of GOPers who support their candidates with the far away look of Jonestown cultists.

When we say that we are so far off path that a gentle healer would be inappropriate as a cure, we mean to say that Hatch is an aggressive ass-kicker with a record of fearlessly going after powerful lobbies, in the interest of the "little people." Republicans don't dare brush him off as another weak liberal who is soft in any way, shape, or form. They call him "mean" and "angry." If that isn't a reversal of fortune, what is? Republicans actually crying uncle on a Democrat being too "mean" for them?

Isn't it time we had a Democrat who kicks ass and takes names? Isn't time we had a governor we could trust to fight the good fight with the mercenary strength of a convicted man?

AHS, you guys ROCK! Read the rest here!

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