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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where's The Beef

The DFLers had a 'weenie' of a story on the GOP so I thought I'd pile on some more relish...an observation in St. Paul posted on a democratic list...
"...Mark Kennedy swung around the corner, sitting in the back seat of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. I heard him humming that catchy little tune, "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener, that's what I'd really like to be-e-e." Sitting behind the driver's wheel was none other than Michael Brodkorb. He was smartly decked out in one of John Kline's bellhop uniforms. The whole thing was really quite impressive; I wish you all could have seen it. I suppose they were headed to a campaign event, or a barbecue."

Mr. Rubberstamping, Badmouthing, Pawlentyawful, and Ms. Gayhater along with leader Mr. B Clown were auditioning for their future jobs.

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