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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Signs and Omens At The Webster Parade

I'm on my second Coleen Rowley sign. The first was stolen. All the Democratic signs on a busy corner a block away disappeared the same night. It's more than a little suspicious because the wind is definately non-partisan. So was it local rethugs? probably..still it's only a sign, which brings me to the Webster parade last weekend.

Webster is a small community surround by farm land but turning into suburbs. It has Ettlin's Ranchero Supper Club, a couple of Lutheran Churches, a co-op and post office. In other words, Webster is the kind of place that still hold to the old values of a person's word is their bond. A nice community where you would feel comfortable raising your kids.

I came through town before parking and joining Coleen Rowley in the Webster Parade. A good 80% of the houses on the main street had Coleen Rowley yard signs in their front lawns. There were no John Kline signs..zip, zero, da nada. Not one sign in any yard.

I believe in signs as omens, the change is coming.

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