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Monday, August 07, 2006

What? A real guy running for Governor?

Who knew? Mike Hatch is a real guy. He is running his campaign for Governor by burning his own shoe leather. The article in the Strib has it all, but I just had to comment on how refreshing this is.

Hatch almost always drives in his own car to campaign events instead of being chauffeured. He writes his own speeches. He personally returns reporters' calls to the campaign number. At some fundraisers, he serves cold garlic toast.

Better yet, he is saving his money and holding back until the race heats up. There does seem to be concern out there from some folks about him not having but two staffers, and I have to agree with that. He may not need the army some campaigns are spending on, but I could see him getting some more staffers as a positive move at this point. But the idea that a candidate can rely on his own feet and his own words to run a campaign is much more an authentic choice than the race by focus group that seems to happen all too often.

Hatch said he also wants his campaign to reflect his personal style and hard-earned image, that of a gut-instinct fighter for ordinary folks, and a regular guy who doesn't need the trappings of a big-time politician.

"It's a personal thing and a big deal to me that I drive myself to events. My phone number is in the book, and I get calls from the public. It's a good mental-health thing."

Good on ya Mike, and I bet you'll be getting some more calls now. What a refreshing approach, it is good to know that an authentic and down to earth person is running for Governor.

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