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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kline Waffles On Truth

John Kline (R-MN) has spoken out about the emerging details on the military investigation into the deaths of two dozen Iraqis last November in Haditha. The killings have raised fears that the incident could be the gravest case involving misconduct by American ground forces in Iraq. Kline has been specifically briefed regarding the details of the incident and also the apparent coverup. More on the story is here.

Initially Kline made comments calling it an 'aberration' but today the MN Star Tribune had a story with Kline apologizing to Marines over Haditha statements. So we basically have Congressman Kline apologying for the massive, intentional, unprovoked, methodical killing of 24 civilians (including women and children) and it's coverup. Am I the only one thinking Kline is apologying to the wrong group of people?

Kline is not willing to stand on the truth...he prefer to 'waffle' while remaining silent to protect his brother in arms regardless of their criminal behavior. Kline has been specifically briefed with the details of this case. And even Kline knows you can't sugar coat this kind of shit. But being a wimp, Kline decides to waffle than stand on the truth. Why doesn't that surprise me? Can't be less of a leader than that! It really is time for a change to truth to power.

For the record:
Here's what Kline said in the past:

  • The Washington Post, May 25Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.), a retired Marine helicopter pilot, said in an interview he thought Hagee was doing the right thing."I was saddened, surprised and outraged that this could happen," Kline said. He said he thought the incident would be regarded as "a horrific aberration" for the Marines.
  • Los Angeles Times, May 27Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.), a retired Marine colonel, said there was clearly an attempt to cover up the incident by those involved. But he said he did not think the Marine command was slow in investigating."There is no question that the Marines involved, those doing the shooting, they were busy in lying about it and covering it up — there is no question about it," Kline said.
  • 9 News-NBC in DenverRepresentative John Kline is a Republican from Minnesota. He said, "When you have Marines who have behaved so abominably as to allegedly shoot Iraqi civilians I'm not surprised that they would lie about it and cover it up."
Here'is what Kline says today when faced with a lawsuit and given an opportunity to 'waffle' on truth:

"I am of course very concerned regarding any allegations surrounding misconduct by US troops in Iraq. Such allegations must be taken seriously but we should never rush to judgement before all the facts are know."

Kline also said that statements he made were taken out of context and he didn't mean to imply the Marines were guilty of wrong doing.

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