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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Howard Dean Still Speaks To Me

We all have a decision to make this election. 'Stay the course' or 'Vote for change'. Most are looking for a different direction, a new direction, a change -vote for change, vote Coleen Rowley (MN -02).

DNC Chairman Howard Dean summed it up on Hardball today when Matthews tried picking a fight about Lieberman.

"You're brother is working for Lamont," Matthews accused. "

"And so am I," shot back Howard Dean. "Ned Lamont is the future. Joe is a good guy, but Joe is the past. And I think we need a new direction in this country. And it's not just the Lieberman-Lamont race. It's all over the country. People are looking for a different direction, a new direction, a change-- and I think the Democrats can bring that change.."

We have to change our current course of failure in America and Democrats have a plan. The first change will be the truth...Democrats will speak the truth. Think of it- no more lies, smears, kneejerk reactions, illegal wiretapping, dismissal of civil rights, unqualified partisan appointments, coverups, government media distortions, fake statistics, or big corporations sale offs by our our leaders. We'll have a return to the basics of an ethical government instead of the current 'highest bidder' mentality in WA,DC.

Ahhh, feel the breeze carrying fresh air. It's coming...Vote for change.

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