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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kline DeKlines 'The High Road'

In an effort to fool all of the people all of the time...Kline stumbles and falls.

The Wege is just singing to the Democratic choir when addressing the latest antics from MDE with Kline trying to smear the Rowley Campaign with half baked lies…

“..slippery innuendos coming from someone I know to be a barefaced liar and who gets paid to front the dirt Republican campaigns are usually too ashamed to put out under their own name.”

In the past Kline has depended on his mudslinging to dirty up the issues so voters don't pay attention to them...but not this time. Kline has played this game too often and with the same cast of players…Diane Bratlie (listed as a volunteer with Kline for congress) has been involved with the Kline campaign since 1998 and has received numerous reimbursements for campaign related expenditures. She also was the conduit for an MDE post in 2004 against Teresa Daly.

Pretty lame to be using a letter regarding a long past incident and with a campaign 'player' whose 'memory' recount didn't include the 'date' and other pertinent details. Still I guess that's an improvement over an anonymous blogger from Kline's campaign.

Kline spokesman Marcus Esmay said Bailey gave his real e-mail address and his real address, which was subsequently used to learn his connection to the Rowley campaign. As the Rowley field manager said:
It doesn't sound like a very secretive operation when you leave your e-mail and address,"

Hmmm...that's certainly the actions of someone trying to be sneaky...leave your name and email. What no telephone?

So how about it Kline? Can we now get back to real issues like rising gas prices, the medicare doughnut, the war in iraq, lack of adequate transportation, outsourcing of our jobs and soaring educational costs?

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