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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shelley Madore Endorsed! Will She Beat Rep. John Kline?

Democratic congressional candidate, primary winner for CD2, and former state Representative Shelley Madore was endorsed by CD2 delegates during last night's meeting.

Dan Powers, the Democratic congressional candidate who was endorsed during the CD2 convention, graciously addressed the standing room only crowd and told them it was time to unite behind the primary winner.  Powers showed leadership ability in being able to set aside personal feelings and direct his supporters to unite and support the primary winner for the good of the Democratic party.  Powers told supporters:
'We need to come together to support the primary winner. It's in the best interest of this Congressional District and it's other candidates to make this story one of unity among the CD2 activists. I pledge to support Shelley and would like the rest of my supporters to do the same".
Powers showed his true commitment to the Democratic process and his belief that you abide by the process and what the people say. While I'm disappointed that Dan didn't win in the primary, I'm very proud of the way he handled himself last night. He demonstrated real leadership and I found myself wondering if Shelley could show the same leadership if the roles were reversed?

CD2 Chair Jeanne Thomas embracing Shelley Madore, CD2 Democratic congressional candidate and primary winner , after she spoke to the delegates asking them to unite and support the primary winner.
After Dan Powers spoke and prior to the vote, each of the CD2 officers addressed the delegates about the need to show unity within the district and to support the primary winner Madore. All around, it showed the solidarity of the CD2 leadership and demonstrated their ability to rally the activist base in heading off any hard feelings while gaining a consensus from the delegates to endorse the primary winner.

Now the question is, with little or no funding, not much time, and under Shelley's campaign directions, can John Kline be beaten?  I sure hope to hell the answer is YES!


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Minnesota Central said...

Thanks for reporting this.

President Lincoln in a famous speech used phrasing "A house divided against itself cannot stand" … The underlying concept of the phrase is that your competition builds their victory upon that house’s foundation. With that in mind, Dan Powers appearance and words should play a major role. Yet, your question “What would Shelley do”, leads the reader to ask “Why should I vote for Madore when DFL activists are still don’t trust her?”

Address your doubts about Shelley, by reading her stance on the issues … then consider how Washington John Kline has voted … always NO as in Neo-Con Obstructionist. Mr. Kline votes with his Party based on Washington K-Street instructions and not with the needs of the Second District.