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Friday, August 13, 2010

Frankly It's Friday And I Don't Give A Damn

I'm eating Twinkies, which somehow is fitting given the week I've had.

A New Political Day
I'm excited about Mark Dayton being the Democratic choice for MN Governor. He's a great person, community spirited and open leadership. Secretly, deep down inside me, I wanted Dayton to win....

I'm not so excited about Shelley Madore being the Democratic choice for MN Congressional District 2. Although it would be an improvement over John Kline, hell my dog would be an improvement over Kline (and I don't mean to insult Burrito er...or Shelley!). But with Kline's fundraising skills and the special interest mega-monies from war, health, and retail, he's probably unbeatable regardless of who gets the nod from Democrats. Still you always hope for a miracle or a major screw up. Why voters don't vote their best interest is beyond me to explain.

Minnesotans are also eating more Twinkies!
When I moved to Minnesota, it ranked number #2, just edged out of first by Alaska or Hawaii. Since moving...well, they started slipping...I blame myself. I'll try and do better.

Funny thing is, when we moved, it was either Minnesota or New Orleans...I voted New Orleans but the husband said Minnesota...I became a fat person in skinny Minnesota (then) as opposed to a thin person in fat New Orleans (then and now). Fortunately it's not as noticeable since the rest of Minnesotans have apparently taken to eating since I've arrived. We're #6 has a nice roundness to it-) Bon appetit!

Too busy to blog...and it's Friday!
Did you know Robots/Spiders crawl through your websites as visitors? Creepy Jesus Jehoshaphat, I'm not making this up...So who's going to be able to sleep tonight without thinking about robot spiders! What's next, Vampires? Aliens? TeaPartiers? Zombies? Mutant bats? Rethugs? Clowns? er...I guess the last two are the same...

The Internet has become a downright goddamn scary place to be! But have a nice weekend...If you need me, I'll be under my bed. With a gun or two. Always remember Zombies Rule #4 Double-Tap. "If you think it’s dead (technically it was before you shot it), one more makes 100% sure." I'm not sure that applies to politics but can't hurt-)

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400

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