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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Minnesota Check Out- Zombies, Madore, Emmer, and Demmer

Back Checking Allowed? Shelley Madore, Democratic congressional candidate and primary winner in CD2, is like a mosquito that keeps buzzing around...swat it, put on repellent, cover yourself with netting...she's still there buzzing...I suppose that is a plus when running against a slimy fly like Kline but I'd much rather have deep money pockets and a big fly swatter.  Still, it's time to move forward..it is what it is... Madore will get the endorsement from CD2 because for now it's her or Rep. John Kline, and nobody wants Kline.

Checking isn't just for Hockey!
Reality check on Emmer? Really, Come on...it's all there for you. I think there's a bigger and more important check on Emmer.  It's been a long time coming...but a Democratic Minnesota Governorship under Mark Dayton is in our future!

Beyond Pale - 165K Check!
Minneapolis police think Zombies are Weapons of Mass Destruction...er...at least their IPOD and speakers. When did we throw out the constitution? Every year they do this...so it was no surprise to the police or community...I find it ironic that a police spokesperson said they acted reasonable..really? So the 165K is just because they feel so...reasonable? Why not human flesh and tasty brains?

Oct 9 is the Zombie Pub Crawl 2010, It just won't die! Come use your constitutional right to be scary dead!

Bartender, the Check Please
I hear the GOP minority leader John Boehner will be in Minnesota around August 30 to attend a fundraiser for candidate Randy Demmer...that just means Boehner will be here to golf and drink with a little fundraising on the side! Look for him at a local golf country club in the bar between golf rounds. hiccup

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