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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where Elephants Go To Die

I loved this article (Queen Bee Palin Shows Up Party, The Splits) by Margaret Carlson. She was reporting on the Republican Governor's Association Meeting this week. Carlson managed to call out Palin while trying to commend the ‘shoulder-to-the-grindstone’ hardworking governors like our own MN Governor ‘bridges falling down’ Pawlenty who allowed our state to have double digit unemployment while off campaigning for McCain.

The writer also noted that there wasn’t a single person of color among the guests at their big state dinner even though Pawlenty said the party needs a "dramatic change to win over new voters”. My note: the five elected to the RGA leadership for the coming year were all white males (including Tim Pawlenty)…so much for change…expect more of the same from the dying order of elephants.

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