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Friday, November 07, 2008

Let The Chads Hit The Floor

Today the count has gone down to 238 votes separating Coleman and Franken...

While Franken wants every vote properly counted...Coleman wants to 'save taxpayer dollars' by not having a recount! Just the fact that Norm doesn't know Minnesota law where a recount is mandatory and not up to him or Franken, shows his lack suitability to office...er...well that and his Bushco supporting voting record and complete lack of ethics....

Wonder what the voters want?...Oh yeah, they want their vote to be counted in a process that is fair, accurate, and transparent...all very grownup words that probably are a little foreign to Norm's vocabulary.

Franken is a scrappy fighter...just like Wellstone...It's a good characteristic to have in our representatives and one that will be more of an asset to Franken in the coming days than Coleman. Win or lose the ultimate winner of this will be a champion of a fair process where each vote should count. It's easy to see that Champion is Franken.

Drowning Pool (Bodies)

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