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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coleman's CYA Meeting

Norm Coleman met with Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens who was indicted and found guilty by a federal grand jury on seven counts of failing to report gifts received from VECO Corporation and its CEO Bill Allen on his Senate financial disclosure forms. Coleman went to Stevens Senate office for about ten minutes. The meeting was behind closed doors and afterwards Senator Coleman would not answer questions regarding the purpose of the meeting or it's outcome …but then again....it doesn't take a genius to recognize...

Meeting with a Senator who was found guilty on seven counts including allegations now faced by Norm Coleman might be for pointers on what to do as there are allegations of Norm accepting illegally funneled money and accepting gifts without reporting them.

But then again... perhaps the two just decided to take another Alaskan fishing trip paid for by the oil industry lobbyists? Whatever the meeting was about you can bet it reeks of Coleman’s CYA.

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