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Friday, November 21, 2008

Pawlenty To Be Done

Minnesota's employment report for October stands at a net loss of 7,500 jobs. The expected fourth month in a row of employment declines, a trend that trackers say will push into early 2010 wasn't a surprised.

“Before it's over, Minnesota is set lose the equivalent of all the jobs gained in the past three years.”
There is little hope for optimism in Minnesota’s job market. The Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank has a better forecast – 30,000 job losses instead of 55,000 from third quarter 2008 to third quarter 2009, but they still see a double digit loss of jobs. While this outlook pours water on any chance to fire up the job market, Governor Pawlenty told The Times.
"What Minnesota needs is a reform-minded leadership to show how conservative ideas can grow jobs, reform and improve education, make health care more affordable, and provide a more secure and clean energy future,"

Pawlenty is trusted by social conservatives, but his words don't match up with his action. It's one thing to say all the right things but another when you spent the last six months of declining Minnesota jobs stomping outside the state for McCain's campaign. It's particularly telling when the last six years of Pawlenty terms hasn't yet produced a positive job market for Minnesota.

Under Tim Pawlenty's tenure last month Minnesota retailers added just 107 jobs. That represents the smallest hiring commitment for October since the state started keeping records on the sector. Overall, there were 2.9 unemployed workers for each job vacancy statewide. The second quarter 2008 labor market was the least favorable for job seekers during the history of the job vacancy series dating back to fourth quarter 2000. Minnesota's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for October rose one-tenth of a percentage point to 6.0 percent

So while Pawlenty is busy promoting his 'green jobs investment initiative', the state of Minnesota declines. While I applaud the initiative, its six years late. Where was Pawlenty in addressing the state's widespread unemployment in the last term? and, with the figures cited above, the time frame of the 'green jobs initiative' is geared to the future, but Minnesota's job economy needs help now...people need help now.

The fact that Pawlenty's record on Minnesota jobs has been dismal at best coupled with modeling his new 'green and clean' jobs initiative after his failed and controversial JOBZ program doesn't bode well for the future of Minnesota's economic sector. It particular will be telling if Pawlenty becomes more of a 'no-show' while continuing to campaign for office outside of Minnesota. There's plenty to be done in providing the necessary vision and leadership to promote Minnesota's job growth and economic development, but given his past history, Governor Pawlenty isn't up to the challenge. While Minnesota's Governor pursues his politcal ambitions outside of state, we've gotten Pawlenty of unemployment, weak labor, low wages and declining economics.

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