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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Setting Coleman Free

The Election Recount
The election will be certified today triggering an automatic recount. State law requires a hand recount whenever the margin of victory in an election is less than one-half of 1 percent of ballots cast. Minnesota’s recount is set to begin this Thursday, though the outcome will not be official until late December at the earliest.

The recount will seek to determine the intent of voters whose ballots were not counted when they were run through optical scanners, which record only filled-in circles. For example, ring around a candidate’s name or a check mark signals a preference but does not register on a machine. Each campaign will be allowed to challenge the intent and a board of five will determine the outcome of each challenge. Daily recount results will be posted on the SOS website at 8 PM.

Because I said so
Naturally Coleman will (sigh…again) announce he is the supreme ruler over all and (sigh…again) tells us that if the shoe was on the other foot, he wouldn’t want a recount…yeah…and pigs fly free.

Gasoline on the fire recount
The GOP is busy with the recount…but not ensuring every vote counts…just spreading one conspiracy theory rumor after another…from Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is bias to conservative talkingheads accusing Dems of trying to ‘steal the MN Senate election’…of course with no evidence..(since when did facts matter to them?!). And since the media tends to report any absurd rumor without fact checking Minnesota's recount has become a regular feature on the national talk radio.

More Gas
The Conservative moonbat group Minnesota Majority (feel free to chime in with Majority of what?) has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice that there are a number of ‘irregularities’ in MN voter registration therefore they should end ‘same day’ registration. Mary Kiffmeyer who preceded DFLer Mark Ritchie as MN SOS is among their ranks. Hmm…interesting…not...just more bias rubbish.

Even More Gas

The RNC has even decided to use their collective insanity to try and raise money…shouldn’t there be some truth in fundraising? Guess not when the truth would set Coleman free.

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