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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thurday's Thoughts

Don't Look At The Elephant In The Room!
Not content to let every vote count, the GOP tries a preemptive strike against Minnesota's Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. With the mandatory recount not even underway yet, the GOP is geared up to try and cast doubt on the legal process by smearing Ritchie..as if he is was from the same cloth as Katherine Harris or Ken Blackwell! GMAB...

The local GOP need to stop screaming about the mandatory recount process being undemocratic and start figuring out the reality of the situation for Norm Coleman. Chances are Norm will be the big loser. The GOPs collective immature behavior makes Coleman look all that more pathetic. You can't sell Coleman as any kind of leader when trying to undermine Minnesota law and the processes in place for a recount. Even if by some unbelievable chance Norm wins, he's facing a grim future and legal costs. Ah well, maybe the judge will allow him the proceeds from a book while in jail.

Speaking in Tongues

Not to beat a dead fish but even Bush says he misspeaks.


What’s up with this…I like getting my daily 411 email letting me know that someone somewhere left me millions-)

Belated B-Day

It’s not that I forgot you Neil…but have a cold, was slammed at work, needed to get the kid to hockey, had a dental appointment….in other words, life inferred in acknowledging your b-day…so here it is late…but heartfelt…I love you man…

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