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Monday, November 24, 2008

Bailing Out Sinking Ships

I see dubya is busy rescuing the economy for big business…Haven’t we seen enough trickle down to know it’s a disaster for 95% of all Americans? While the country moves closer to a depression, Bush keeps his buddies swimming in wealth. Who voted for the idiot and more importantly why is he still allowed to represent us?

More bailouts? Let’s see…we absorb potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in losses on toxic assets on its balance sheet and injecting fresh capital into the troubled financial giant. Meanwhile Citigroup continues to aggressively marketed their money to any Tom, Dick or Harriet that wants to pay 20% plus interest just for using their credit cards, or makes late fees look like a down payment on a house! Yeah by all means bail them out- after all, the rest of us can eat cake or maybe not now that the bills have come due.

What part of socializing profiteers don’t we get? ‘Old pirates, yes, they rob I

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Unknown said...

In a stunning example of camaraderie, the UAW workers and Management of the big three car manufacturers have come together to beg for their jobs. As opposed to the standard impassioned plea, threaten and scare tactics have
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