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Friday, February 24, 2006

What Would South Dakota Do?

Dear G*D (or South Dakotan!):

According to the Iranian Aftab News Agency, it is estimated that every hour, nine fetuses are legally and illegally aborted in Iran. Yes you read that right, 9 fetuses every hour, or 360 in a week! Sure there's some reasons ...but that's not your concern.

Time to do your due diligence and mobilize your fundamentalist base by convincing them that an attack on Iran could save some 18 Million fetuses from being aborted each year. And just think of the bonuses...no more tales of green salt or yellow cake. Health concerns? SD liberates middle eastern women from middle eastern men, tear apart their families, then liberates their fetuses...million upon million of fetuses saved... Yes, Yes , Yes!

South Dakota, this cause has your name written all over it.

Yours Truly, The Truth Surfer

PS: Should I now go to you instead of my doctor for health care?

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