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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Issue This!

Breaking News!

Feb 01
AP story
Sharon Marko (MN D):
"We need to be focused on the important issues." But when asked in the same interview she declined to discuss her views on issues."
Coleen Rowley’s response on Marko’s statements:
"She's right that the issues are extremely important in these upcoming elections," "The focus has to remain on getting rid of John Kline."
So Sharon having lived and held elected office in CD2 for years isn't prepared now to speak to the issues?! Or doesn't want to?! Or?!

Coleen Rowley's views on the issues are posted on her website here. Coleen knows what they are and doesn't shy away from speaking about them! She speaks with a loud clear voice...maybe Marko should listen.


Anonymous said...

what are the people in CD3 thinking about dissing Rowley the way they have been? I just don't get it. Sure she is a novice campaigner, but its still early. The vile words I have heard against her from people who should know better is shocking.

Marko supported Randy Kelly? That should be enough to end her run, come on people get it together. Coleen Rowley is a great candidate and we are lucky to have her on our team.

Anonymous said...

By the way it is CD2 not CD3. You are right but 99% of us are 110% in support of Rowley. Rowley made a few mistake being a rookie, in not wanting to get help from some of the key DFL people in fear that she would be selling her sole to what she and everyone else hates about politics and that is the corruption.

To let you know what really happened! Colleen P.O.ed some of the local DFLers in CD2 that think they are political gods. I will call them Witch1 and Witch2. Get over it you two. So they recruited Marko!

In general we think Rowley is Great! Rowley is truthful and trustworthy and correct on the issues. This is why when Witch1 and Witch2 saw they could not manipulate Rowley Marko was recruited? The Straw pole on 3-7-06 will show us Rowley has support in CD2.

I actually feel sorry for Marko because when it starts to rain in CD2 Witch1 and Witch2 will start to melt.