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Monday, February 13, 2006

It Really Is Dick Cheney's America Now

Company requires RFID injection
Two employees have been injected with RFID chips this week as part of a new requirement to access their company's datacenter.

Cincinnati based surveillance company CityWatcher.com created the policy with the hopes of increasing security in the datacenter where video surveillance tapes are stored. In the past, employees accessed the room with an RFID tag which hung from their keychains, however under the new regulations an implantable, glass encapsulated RFID tag from VeriChip must be injected into the bicep to gain access, a release from spychips.com said on Thursday.

Although the company does not require the microchips be implanted to maintain employment, anyone without one will not be able to access the datacenter, according to a Register article.

I wonder if they pay to have it removed when you quit? What about scarring? Kinda of scary like considering I work in private security. Will I have to make this decision shortly? Must I become part 'cyborg' to stay employed? (FYI-'Cyborg' is actually a shortening of the term 'cybernetic organism'). What should I do? Hell -what would Arnold Schwarzenegger do?
Well it really is Dick Cheney's America now. Except Dick would probably shoot the things into you with his shotgun!

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