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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Strange Friends Indeed

It's one thing when John Kline (MN R) distorts a mistake hoping to deflect from his own lack of leadership but it's just wrong when Democrats pile on for political 'atta girlfriend points'.
Senator Marko (MN D) will declare her candidancy today to challenge former FBI agent Coleen Rowley for the Democratic endorsement, according to Marko's friend Rep. Betty McCollum...McCollum criticizing a fellow Democrat said the stunt by a young campaign volunteer "was very unprofessional' and "personally offended' her.
Sharon Marko supported ex-mayor and Bush supporter Randy Kelly . Was Betty 'personally offended' by that? I can't seem to find any statements from Betty on this...you know, supporting political friends at the expense of democratic values. McCollum, Marko, Kline... Strange friends in deed...CD2 deserves better than what the 'good old boy/girl' network is trying to dish up to them.

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