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Friday, February 24, 2006

I've Got Some Issues

I was up south this week and hear someone mention they were going to announce their candidancy as a DFLer for the MN House... which is great...but...here's the disturbing thing, they said they weren't prepared yet to speak to the issues because "I don't know what those will be. I need to sit down with my manager and decide".

I guess I'm naive but I want someone representing me who doesn't take a poll to determine which side of an issue they are going to fall out on. Or, even if ,they are going to address certain issues! I'll even go so far as to say, not speaking up has hurt our party. The only ones getting lower ratings than Bu$h is Congress as a whole!

Which brings me to ask, if someone has been saying they're running for a congressional seat for months because they think the issues haven't been addressed, then wouldn't you think they'd address them? Where?


Anonymous said...

Could it be Marko?

Anonymous said...

Oh, put it in context, please. The potential candidate didn't say anything about a poll, just about deciding with a campaign manager about issues on which he or she would focus.

This picking of a focus is a fairly basic part of campaigning--the sort of stuff that gets taught at Camp Wellstone.

That den of spineless DLC wannabes!

truthsurfer said...

whoo..seems as if you have an exposed nerve...Still, I suppose you're correct.. much better than stating the catch all democratic values of 'I'm for education, transportation and health care'. Show me a demo candidate that doesn't?

And who said anything about DLC? But again, if the shoe fits!

Anonymous said...

This is typical of what's wrong with the DFL today: Asking for support and money without telling voters why. "Trust me, I'm a DFLer." Yeah right. Half the DFL candidates in this state refuse to even put "DFL" on their literature and signs. They want to have it both ways--DFL money and support, while thumbing their nose at the DFL platform and core principles.

You don't have to go any further than Elwyn Tinklenberg in the 6th District to find a candidate like that. Or any of the other DFLers who will vote to write discrimination into the state constitution.

This is what they teach in Camp Wellstone? I doubt it.