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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This and That- Emmer, Mark Buesgens, Jannaya LaFrance

Self Serving Emmer in Deed
Say what? Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer is again (sigh) caught stretching the truth regarding his former campaign manager Rep. Mark Buesgens...well it shows a lack of character and inability to be real.

First we have the mis-statement (better know as the self-serving lie) that Minnesota waitresses can pull in 100K a year, then we have the bad math (better know as a self-serving lie) that "only about half the cities in this state get any local government aid" when in fact it's 85%, then we see that Emmer doesn't plan to pay back the $1.4 billion in deferred funding to the school districts (better know as self serving budget), and now the  retro-active, back dating replacement of his manager done conveniently after his DWI...hmm...(very self serving!)

Opportunity Knocks for Jannaya LaFrance!
While I'm sorry for Mark Buesgens troubles and his current inability to cope, many voters probably feel it won't help to put him back into office without a real resolution to his financial and drinking problems (instead of apologizing, Mark's first statement on the DWI was he wasn't going to talk until he talked with his attorney after which he then apologied!). Mark's current misfortunes is good news for  DFLer Jannaya LaFrance, the endorsed Democratic candidate for the seat in SD35B.

Jannaya LaFrance and RT Rybak
Jannaya is young and energetic mother who has been consistently working for the past several months in an area previously thought to be solidly GOP. Given what has happen in the past week, her chances have improved dramatically. Visit her website and give a little to her campaign!
"Jannaya has no problem admitting that she is a political newcomer because she honestly believes government needs more people like her. Regular people representing regular people, keeping everyone’s needs in mind and in heart. Jannaya’s passion is not politics. Her passion is people, and doing whatever it takes to get things done right to benefit her fellow Minnesotans"

Shout Out
Have I mentioned how progressive and hard working State Rep. David Bly (MN-25B) is?

I'ma easily entertained, and a cross over between DC/Marvel and Trekkies makes sense to me! lol


Minnesota Central said...

Help me out here, but hasn’t Tom Emmer talked about how business is attracted to South Dakota ?
Hmmm … could it be that business feels their employees will be safer on the roads there due to South Dakota’s 24/7 Sobriety Project ? People convicted of repeated drunk-driving offenses are forced to go dry for at least three months, during which time they submit to police-observed Breathalyzer tests twice a day—no excuses. If they fail, refuse, or don't show, sanctions begin with an immediate night in jail. In less than two years using this program, drunken-driving fatalities were cut in half … and program veterans are half as likely as other DUI offenders to be arrested again.

Anonymous said...

Knowing your search for truth is real, you should visit the DFL endorsed candidate for State Representative District 35B website. In the "About" page you will find statements saying that the candidate is a real estate agent and a business owner. When I checked the MN Commerce Dept. website to see what license the candidate has I could find no listing with her name or maiden name as a licensed Real Estate anything! Also, the MN Secretary of State website shows the business owned by the candidate (under her maiden name with a Dakota County address) is "Inactive." So while she touts on her website "keeping clients happy is much like working together with colleagues in the house" it appears that her clients may not be all that happy with her business if it is now inactive. While she obviously sees herself as a "pleaser" it may not be the best quality for a legislator.