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Friday, September 10, 2010

Freaky Friday's Extended Forecast Calls For More Fricken Media Coverage

Shut up or the bunny dies!
Ever notice how life can be explained by South Park episodes...Seems like every other week I see the connection...this week it's the dust up over  burning the Koran... Just switch South Park School bus driver Ms. Veronica "Muffin" Lee Crabtree out for Florida nutcase cult leader Pastor Terry Jones and instead of the bunny, use the Koran. It all makes sense to me but then I did fully partake in the '60s.  At lease comes the closes to explaining what's going on.

I said quiet sound bite

...BTW this headline:

Pastor Terry Jones' 9/11 Koran burn fuels copycats in U.S., violent protests abroad

is wrong. The media, giving his racist cult a national press platform has spurred the violence abroad. Instead of reporting that Mr. Jones is the exception and totally bat winged, they put him in the national spotlight without showing that he statistically represents no one in the United States.

Hell my conservative neighbor Bob threatens to burn my blog every couple of weeks and the media hasn't covered that...hey wait just a minute...Is that because I'm a Jew? Shut up or I'll kill the dust bunny under my bed! (which I'm really going to do tomorrow)

Hmm..I need to ponder this more...but I'm sure the press will be splashing it over over the world...soon...have a nice weekend...