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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot Dish In Minnesota's CD2

Pioneer Press Still Unprofessional In Endorsement Practices
CD2 DFL Candidate of Minnesota Representative, Colin Lee, posted up at MN Progressive Project on his experience of being vetted by the Pioneer Press this week....not a really pretty picture but given the PP's prior history of endorsement...not a surprise that they should still run such an unprofessional endorsement process.

Colin Lee is running in Lakeville Senate District 36A,  advocating for for among other things, campaign reform by not taking special interest monies:
My opponents just released their voluntary campaign finance disclosures. The incumbent in my race accepted no less than $4,100 from lobbyists, PACs, and special interests. I am the only candidate in my race who has sworn to "Take the High Road" by refusing all donations from lobbyists, corporations, and political action committees.
Minnesota has the most lobbyists per capital of any state in the country. My opponent received well over fifty percent of contributions from lobbyists and political action committees in her last election. These abuses of the public interest must end
Colin, a software engineer, has also been crossed endorsed by the Independence Party of Minnesota.

Move along, no surprise here!
CD2 Rep. John Kline is still refusing to debate, even when asked nicely...sigh...
still refusing to take pork (sort of)...
still wanting to give the wealthiest 2% tax breaks (calls it a 'Pledge to America' like we're that stupid!),
still working for special interest money.

BTW, I like what Jon Stewart calls the 'Pledge to America' as it's much more fitting:
"So two years ago America broke up with you, because you had badly mistreated her. ... And you come back rapping on our door, hat in hand, and you say, "Baby, I know you love me. But if we get back together, I pledge to you, I promise you, I will still try to f*ck your sister every chance I get." [Watch the video here]
Stay dry and on the high road to avoid flooding this weekend!

I'd like to dedicate this video to Flying Burrito and Dot Peace (my dogs!):

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Colin Lee said...

Thanks for the profile! I should correct a couple details. I was cross-endorsed by the IP two years ago, before they banned cross-endorsements. Secondly, all financial statistics you included come from my race two years ago. In total, my opponent has taken at least $24,000 from PACs and lobbyists since she first began running for her seat. The gist of your article is basically accurate. I'm running to bring honest representation to our district.