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Friday, July 16, 2010

Throwing Up Voter Fraud Hail Mary's in Minnesota

It's the end of the game, seconds to go, you've got the ball, but you're so far down field...your teams only chance is....a Hail Mary play. Statistically speaking such a play has no chance of completion...it's a long shot born out of a desperation to win by any means...

This week we've seen the Minnesota Republicans throw up their Hail Mary in a last ditch effort with to take attention away from their own failed gubernatorial candidate's meltdowns in waitergate, trying to make a case with smoke and mirrors against Democrats while promoting one of their favorite causes voter suppression.

Here's some of the plays in this game:

Governor Pawlenty: "I suspect they [felons] favored Al Franken"
Off Sides: Seriously do you think it's a good Presidential quality that Pawlenty goes on assumptions and not facts! Political analyst David Schultz of Hamline University said he was surprised to see Gov. Pawlenty buy into the theory that felons tipped the election..."One, it makes an assumption that it's been proven that these felons have voted illegally, which isn't the case, And, two, it makes the assumption that these felons voted overwhelmingly in favor of Franken."...In fact the one case that has been proven shows the Felon voted for Coleman.

MN GOP: "The Minnesota Republican Party wants county attorneys across the state to investigate if ineligible felons illegally voted or registered to vote in 2008."
Bad Call: So based on allegations by a conservative activist group (Minnesota Majority) which it has ties to, the GOP wants to spend resources and taxpayers dollar when even they say it won't change the outcome of the election. This is just another stun to draw attention away from real issues and candidates...oh look a bright shiny object!

Minnesota Majority: With a volunteer base of conservative teabaggers, they want to trump up cases against all Democrats for everything wrong with the world. Today it's some kind of Democratic conspiracy that allowed Felons to vote, tomorrow it will be another whacked out claim like how gay marriages threaten world peace...er...or something like that!
Failed Pass: First off their methodology is not proven nor any claim of statistical significance. Secondly, already the numbers they claimed have been cut by half or more, and thirdly, many of the cases were already reported my the Secretary of State and prosecuted. In reality, we are talking a handful of cases left to be examined. So to be blunt, this is a huge waste of tax dollar (something they and all conservatives vell against!)

FOX News: Fox News (GOP propaganda outlet) has promoted baseless claims of fraud in the Minnesota race giving airtime to assumptions rife with distortions.
Bad Coaching: Minnesota had a fair, completely opened recount process where both political parties helped monitor the process; Then a three panel judge reviewed the process and out come; Then the Minnesota Supreme Court reviewed that review; It was all done bi-partisan, openly, and fair.  Sure it isn't as interesting as the claims of foul play being thrown up now as hail Mary's. The truth seldom is as entertaining or news worthy...er..at least not to Fox.

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Minnesota Central said...

This could be a winner for the MN-GOP … remember Minnesotans are still haunted by Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Drew Pearson pushing off Nate Wright before snaring a winning Hail Mary pass... which knocked the Minnesota Vikings out of the Super Bowl by a score of 17-14.

It’s guilt by association … The MN-GOP wants everyone to think they are Nate Wright and the DFL is Drew Pearson.

Alas, you are correct … this is diversion from the story that they really don’t have a plan to address Minnesota’s financial situation (unless you really believe that they can cut taxes and still cut government spending.)

Why isn’t the MN-GOP complaining about not prosecuting those individuals that the Coleman camp called as witnesses that stated fraudulent paperwork was submitted … nevermind … those were Coleman supporters who had their Mommies and girlfriends prepare the paperwork.

Blaming Coleman’s loss on felons voting is improvable (as you noted, there is the possibility that the felons could have voted for Coleman – and did.) Yet, the one fact (that even Mr. Coleman now acknowledges), his vote in FAVOR of TARP sealed the deal with many conservatives.

Here’s the only question that needs to be asked : Why did 63,203 voters select John McCain for President (knowing that Minnesota’s Electoral College votes were clearly Obama’s) and then decide that they did not want Norm Coleman to have another term … the answer - Coleman’s support for SCHIP, climate change, immigration reform, mileage efficiencies and finally TARP during his first (and thankfully, only) term. Suggested reading The Case for Throwing Coleman Under the Bus

Coleman lost because he lost the MN-GOP hardcore conservative faction … they were willing to risk voting for Dean Barkley just so they did not have to vote for Coleman again. Coleman should have heard this coming … during his MN-GOP acceptance speech there was noticeable silence.

The MN-GOP hardcore will embrace the “felon voting” issue and every issue that does not point the finger that they rejected Coleman.

One thing, I have always wonder is, why didn’t enough felons vote in MN-06 to change that outcome ? Oh, wait is it a felony to vote in Florida/Arizona/Texas which you claim as your residence for tax purposes as you winter there, but also have a home in Minnesota during the other seasons, AND also vote here …. oh, yeah, they voted for Bachmann.

Other than that … GREAT POST !